Estimation of petroleum reserves and production zones of oil fields

with SmartOilWell analysis


Our Goal

To create Smart Oil Well software (on a machine learning platform) whose goal is to automate the analysis and extraction of productive oil and gas zones to isolate optimal perforation and place production areas in vertical, inclined and horizontal wells of oil and gas fields. Smart Oil Well is also used to isolate optimal fracturing zones in production wells and optimal waterflooding zones in injection wells through which water and other agents are pumped to remove oil from reservoirs. The technology is used for any wells with different permeability and operating conditions.

Our Program

About the calculation of reserves and the definition of effective reservoir zones of oil fields emphasizes the importance of the task of increasing the efficiency of traditional extractive sectors and the further development of the oil and gas industry.

Our Team

Our team plans to contribute to the development of the Digital Kazakhstan program, which aims to accelerate the pace of economic development of the republic and improve the quality of life of the population through the use of digital technologies in the medium term, as well as creating conditions for the transition of Kazakhstan’s economy to a fundamentally new trajectory development, ensuring the creation of a digital economy of the future in the long term.

and more data used
graphs built
calculations made